The best price
Best price its not about the cheapest price with the bad quality , it’s the best quality with a best price and this is what our customers get when they shopping in our markets

The best offer
promotions it’s the way how we thanks our customers ,so we always keep our markets full of a very good promotions because our customers deserve the best .

The best quality
we provide our customers with the best quality , with huge variety for this we have two companies one of them in Europe & the another in USA to supplying us with the missing items in our markets and also we have a very good relations with the local suppliers in Iraq

The best services
the customers are our guests and we are the hosts , and this is exactly how we trying every day to improve our services more & more.

Holland Bazar Departments

Fresh meat to fresh fruit to canned food to bakery and everything in between

HOLLAND BAZAR, The #1 supermarket in Kurdistan
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HOLLAND BAZAR is the # 1

Holland Bazaar is the largest group of supermarkets established in Dohuk governorate in 2008 after the economic development that took place in the Kurdistan Region and the market studies in many ways. It has been shown that there is a paucity in the field of supplying European materials and original brands in the regional market.

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